The 2018 Gun Bash will be held on Saturday, September 8th at the Green Tree Volunteer Fire Department

The Green Tree Volunteer Fire Company is a 100% volunteer organization providing fire and rescue services to the Borough of Green Tree. Our dedicated volunteer staff is committed to the safety and protection of our residents, businesses, visitors, and neighboring communities. We are always in need of new volunteers to join our ranks, and we welcome individuals ages 16 and up to learn more about this rewarding vocation.

Technology in the Fire Service

The GTVFC is now utilizing Mobile Data Terminals (MDT's) in our apparatus to display information from Allegheny County's Computer Aided Dispatch System (CAD). This technology is quickly becoming an industry standard, and allows responders to view critical information, maps and updates directly from the 911 dispatch center while enroute to emergency calls. Our volunteers also equipped with traditional fire service pagers and specialized mobile applications to provide timely emergency alerts, crew staffing information, hydrant locations, and much more.

Parkway Cameras

Traffic Cameras along Parkway Corridor

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