2014 Green Tree / Ingram Gun Bash

Tickets are in for this years Gun Bash. As always it will be held at the Green Tree Fire Hall on Saturday September 6th 2014. Please check with your local fire fighter or email us at for tickets and information.

New Line Officers for 2014

During this year installation banquet for the Green Tree Vol. Fire Company the New Line Officers were sworn into their positions. Also during the banquet Life Member and Retiring Chief Dan Walsh was honored for his service to the fire department and the community. Many surrounding departments were also on hand to congratulate and honor Chief Walsh. Below are the new Line Officers for 2014.

163 Chief – Matt Serakowski
163 Ast. Chief – Don Gaupp
163 Captain – Dan Short
163 Lieutenant 1 – Matt McKinsey
163 Lieutenant 2 – Pat Walsh

Technology in the Fire Service

Over the past few months we have been testing and using the County’s CAD (Computer Aided Dispatching) System. This system gives us instant access to the incoming call we are being dispatched to. The CAD includes all the important information down to a mapped image of the location on a computer screen as our members enter the fire house to respond. Moving forward in the next few months computers will be placed in our Engine’s, Rescue, Aerial and Command Vehicle. Instant access to updates coming into the County 911 Center are viewable to our members while responding or working an incident. Also direction can be given by the CAD system to help in our response to mutual aid calls in other municipalities.  Other great features that will come with this system is our ability to turn all of our pre-plans into digital documents accessible by every vehicle in the department running the CAD system.

Parkway Cameras

Traffic Cameras along Parkway Corridor

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